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Mishan plain

Mishan plain - Hamedan

f the Alvand Mountain's plains. This plain is located on the direct road of Alvand peak with an area of almost one hectare, besides is located at a height of 2600 meters above sea level. In the past times nomads, who had spent their summer days at the north foothill of Alvand... More

dozakh darreh waterfalls

dozakh darreh waterfalls - Hamedan

ys of Alvand has several springs and waterfalls. These springs and waterfalls pour down to the big Shahrestane valley. Presence of woodlands and rivers in the deep valleys of Alvand Mountain make it more beautiful. Due to pouring down of these small and big springs, a river is runni... More

Morad Beyg Valley

Morad Beyg Valley - Hamedan

ey in Alvand mountains. This valley is located in close area in contrast to other Alvand's valley. Ruined road at the end of the valley is the only way of communication. In the west side of valley two kilometers from the Morad Beyg Valley Village, the remains of an old village is ob... More

imam zadeh kuh(imam zadeh mohsen)

imam zadeh kuh(imam zadeh mohsen) - Hamedan

ys of Alvand Mountain's foothill. This mason belongs to the Mongol era and eighth century AD. Monument's building is in the shape of a rectangular. Its groin consists of a big balcony on the top of the tomb and two- floor rooms in both side of the balcony. This monument is the remembrance ... More

Protected area of Khang Ramz

Protected area of Khang Ramz - Asadabad

st of Alvand Mountains. It has created a wonderful landscape. This area has high cliffs and these cliffs which they have rough and difficult roads. But these cliffs are in danger of erosion caused by rain and frost. Khang ramz means Ahora Mazda Khan in Old Persian language. This region tak... More

Varkaneh village

Varkaneh village - Hamedan

east Alvand Mountain's villages and it is located in the east side of Hamadan city. Varkaneh village is known as the pearl of rural tourism in the province. This village with streets surrounded by rubble stones which under locality lights are burnt down is reminiscent of Europe's Renaissa... More


Ganjnameh - Hamedan

de of Alvand Mountain in Iran. The inscription, which has been carved in granite, is composed of two sections. One (on the left) ordered by Darius the Great (521-485 BC) and the other (on the right) ordered by Xerxes the Great (485-65 BC). Both sections, which have been carved in three an... More


Hamadan - Province

the 'Alvand' mountains, running from the north west to the south west. Hamedan enjoys temperate warm summers and relatively cold winters. Hamedan province is one of the most ancient parts of Iran and its civilization. Relics of this area confirm this fact. Today's Hamedan is what is le... More


Qazvin - Province

dieh, Alvand, Esfarvarin, Mahmood Abad Nemooneh, Khoram Dasht, Ziä Abad, Avaj, Shäl, Danesfahan, Abgarm, Ardägh, Moallem Keläyeh, Razmian Kouhin and Bidestan in the form of four townships (chief cities) contains 18 sections, 44 rural districts, and 1543 villages. The province had a populat... More