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Blossom festival

Blossom festival - Amol

al in Amol Ceremonies Teti (bloom) in the village culture enthusiasts attended summer Rineh in Amol, Mazandaran held customs. It is celebrated every year on the occasion of blooming trees in the spring to hold symbolic traditional wedding soup and bread baking is held locally. R... More

Alimestan forest

Alimestan forest - Amol

ty of Amol, Mazandaran forest forest functions .jngl Alimestan one of the most beautiful scenery in the spring and summer tourists and nature offers. This area is known as the Green Gold and dense fog is thick and green forests. The forest habitat plant "Alyma" that grows in May. Its name ... More

 Yakhi (icey) Waterfall

Yakhi (icey) Waterfall - Amol

Mt Damavand Icefall or icy fall ( Farsi name Abshar Yakhi , abshar=fall , yakhi=icy) , is about 12m tall at 5100m altitude, the highest fall in Iran and Middle East. around it which makes the waterfall thicker as it gradually freezes. The Mt Damavand Icefall waterfall is over 3 meters wide. This... More

Lar National Park

Lar National Park - Amol

Lar National Park is a protected area in Iran, on the foot of Mount Damavand, straddling the two provinces of Mazandaran and Tehran. The Lar Dam is located in the park, and is a major tourist attraction, situated just 70 kilometers northeast of the capital and the most populous city of the countr... More