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Old sycamore tree Azarshahr

Old sycamore tree Azarshahr - Azarshahr

essed Azarshahr various religious ceremonies that are held . Old Sycamore Azarshahr the National Register of East Azerbaijan and many tourists visit the area of lush trees and older . Reference: More

Tap Tapan mineral spring

Tap Tapan mineral spring - Azarshahr

limestone with a special voice to be removed , the Faithful to " Shvrsv " is known. The number of active aspects Shvrsv 2 is about 2 m diameter tanks with one of the other 5/1 m and the number of active instances that 10 is half the diameter of the pool is Nhakvchk . The dark color of spring wa... More

Chraghyl Village

Chraghyl Village - Azarshahr

Village Chraghyl Chraghyl a village in the province of East Azarbaijan and Shahr is considered one of the old villages. The village of Northeast Mountain Park, to the south and southeast of the mountain Svyvkh Yvshanh Valley Gorge is limited. The village is 1900 meters above sea level and ha... More

Ancient village of Majarshin

Ancient village of Majarshin - Osku

u and Azarshahr. Majarshin village location is so that makes it a top rating to the surrounding villages. This village is the confluence of two roads, Azarshahr to Gonbar and Osku to Gonbar. The highest point of village is the Orian Mountain; the peak height of it is 2850 mtr. Maja... More

East Azerbaijan

East Azerbaijan - Province

shir, Azarshahr, Charoimaq, Osku, and Varzaqan.[3] In 2010 Kalibar was split in half with the northern part becoming Khoda Afarin, while the southern part kept the name Kalibar. East Azerbaijan is one of the most archaic territories in Iran. During the reign of Alexander of Macedon in I... More