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Torbat-e Jam

Torbat-e Jam - City

e the mazar (tomb) of Sheikh Ahmad Jami and Prince Ghasem Anvar. The county includes many villages, such as Bezd, Mahmoodabad, Nilshahr. Reference: More

Hasht Behesht (Eight heavens)

Hasht Behesht (Eight heavens) - Isfahan

re of Baghe Bolbol (The Nightingale Garden) dates back to 1660. The palace is the most important building wh ich was built during Shah Suleiman Safavid time. The palace experienced new styles of stucco work and stained glass and mirror works. Hasht Behesht was renovated by Fathali Shah Q... More

Iran Cinema Museum

Iran Cinema Museum - Tehran

ng of Baghe Ferdos. In upper floor there are 3 saloons and you can visit other 4 hallways by spiral stairways from the inside of the third saloon. 1 hall entering the cinema to Iran 2 hall cinema in 1330-1380 3 hall International Festivals & Awards 4 hall The cinema of the holy d... More