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Abbasi Goz inn ( Caravanserai )

Abbasi Goz inn ( Caravanserai ) - Borkhar

Gaz caravanserai is one of the remarkable caravanserais which was built at the behest of Shah Abbas I. it is located in Gaz city 15 kilometers of the north of Isfahan. Shah Abbas was the powerful king of Safavid era. In his time the economy of Iran was boomed greatly. He ordered to build some c... More

Gaz Mosque

Gaz Mosque - Borkhar

Gaz Jami Mosque is called machad bale (in Persian: مچد بله) in Gazi dialect. It is thousand years old. It is the oldest historical work of Dolat Abad city in the north of Isfahan. The mosqe is built on Khar over the relic of the fire temple built at the behest of Bahman the son of Isfandyar. This... More