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Boshruyeh desert

Boshruyeh desert - Boshruyeh

ulous Boshruyeh in East Boshruyeh city located in South Khorasan Province. This sabulous southeast of the city Boshruyeh, East Boshruyeh Salt Desert, north and south of the city of Kashmar, Cal passion is limited. Sabulous across the widest part, about 30 km and a leng... More

South Khorasan

South Khorasan - Province

sheh, Boshruyeh, Sarayan, Zirkouh and Khusf. In the past, Birjand was a small part of a region which called Ghohestan. Ghohestan, was a part of old Khorasan which now is named South Khorasan Province. The main cities of Ghohestan, were Toon (now Ferdows) and Qaen. Birjand grew in recent c... More