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Ab-Ali Ski Resort

Ab-Ali Ski Resort - Damavand

AbAli Ski Resort in Iran is located on Haraz Road. It has five ski pistes for beginner skiers and special training site with professional ski coaches. Abali piste is the first ski resort in Iran, it was built in 1953, the first ski slope to insta... More

Bijar Ski Resort

Bijar Ski Resort - Bijar

Bijar Ski Resort, near Bijar City at the foot of Nesar Mountain in Iran offers skiers and snowboarders downhill slopes accessed by a gondola and chairlifts. Visitors to Bijar Ski Resort enjoy a winter sports season from November through March. The resort’s proxi... More

Pooladkaf Ski Resort

Pooladkaf Ski Resort - Sepidan

is a ski resort in the south of Iran. Pooladkaf is located in the northwest of Fars province in the middle of Zagros mountains. It is 15 km from Ardakan city and 85 km from Shiraz. The nearest international airport is Shiraz international airport. It opened in 2002. In spite of ... More

FereydounShahr Ski Resort

FereydounShahr Ski Resort - Fereydunshahr

shahr Ski Resort organizes numerous events such as parachuting and Festival of Snow Statues. Reference: More

Alvars Winter Sport Complex ( Ski )

Alvars Winter Sport Complex ( Ski ) - Sareyn

vares ski resort: The most beautiful part of Ardabil province in terms of tourism, is located on the foothills of Sabalan Mountain. It is the biggest ski resort in Iran. It is located at a distance of 12 km from Alvares village and 24 km from Sareyn. Since the reso... More

Cheshmeh Salmani Resort

Cheshmeh Salmani Resort - Kharameh

lmani resort is one of the natural resorts of Fars province that is located in Tang-e-Saadi and in the periphery of Bamu National Park. This is situated at6 km of Shiraz city and between Shiraz – Kharameh. Fresh water of Salmani Sping is boiled out of earth so it is called Cheshme Salmani ... More

Yaghub's Castle Resort

Yaghub's Castle Resort - Khorambid

astle Resort is located at 7 km to the south of Safashahr and 18 km of the southwest of the Shirza-Isfahan road on the foothill of the montains of Yaghub Castle Village. In this specular resort, watching different trees and plants and their reflections into the water of pools and r... More

Resort of Palangan

Resort of Palangan - Neyriz

This resort I one of them most significant resorts of the city. The region has numerous springs and many local people and tourists come to this site to enjoy the unique beauty of the nature. Palangan spring is another specular site of this strait that is emanates from the hillsides of So... More