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Tehran waterfall

Tehran waterfall - Tehran

heran Waterfall is located in the west of Hemat Highway, after Janat Abad and in font of Chitgar Lake. Tehran Waterfall is regarded as one of the best and largest places for recreational tourism. In the lowest part of this waterfall you will encounter a beautiful lake that ... More

Dareh Gahan Waterfall

Dareh Gahan Waterfall - Taft

tiful waterfall and cliffs, has attracted so many tourists. The waterfall is located at a valley at the foothill of Shirkooh Mountain; its water comes from rainfall and gradual melting of snows in Shirkooh. The beauty of waterfall, pleasant weather and the natural be... More

Ab Malakh waterfall

Ab Malakh waterfall - Semirom

eller so that not more than three times the sun overhead view of the countryside. Locust waterfall is composed of two parts. It originates from the first waterfall that comes out of the mountains and the other located at the origin, which is like a bridge over the river green... More

Asiyab Kharabe waterfall

Asiyab Kharabe waterfall - Jolfa

f the waterfall and other aquatic plants are covered so that there is a beautiful view. Among the natural attractions of this place Basfast spring water from the mountain springs to provide Kyamky. Hundreds of large and small waterfalls and the sound of water falling flat, pictures... More

Khor Waterfall ( Khur Waterfall )

Khor Waterfall ( Khur Waterfall ) - Karaj

Khur waterfall is a beautiful waterfall , near KHOR village , 15th Km Karaj to Chalous and it is a 30m height waterfall in Central Elburz mountains. It is accessible from Karaj Chalous road. There is also a smaller seasonal waterfall adjacent to the main waterfal... More

Sajiran waterfall

Sajiran waterfall - Rudsar

jiran waterfall Sajiran waterfall at twenty kilometers south Rahimabad,one of the special nature features of this area,which came to exist by integration of multiple pure streams. This waterfall is located in the western hillside of samasos mountain and it’s access route pa... More

Shalmash waterfall

Shalmash waterfall - Sardasht

lmash waterfall is in piranshahr,west azarbaijan,iran. The Shalmash Waterfall is located in Sardasht County. It is small but beautiful, located in a green forested valley.... More

Nozhian Waterfall

Nozhian Waterfall - Khorramabad

zhian waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Iran at the distance of 51km in the southeast of Khoramabad. The height of this waterfall is 95m and the width crest is 5m. this beautiful waterfall is located near the old and unique village with the same name. the fresh... More

Niasar Waterfall

Niasar Waterfall - Kashan

f the waterfall. Niasar waterfall is the spectacular place in this area. This waterfall is located at the beginning of the historical part of the city and its slopes are covered with beautiful and lush vegetation. In the surrounding area of waterfall trees such as wil... More

Margoon Waterfall

Margoon Waterfall - Sepidan

rgun) Waterfall is located in the Fars province of Iran near the city of Sepidan. Its name means in Persian "snake like". Margoon Waterfall is in Sepidan of Iran. This waterfall is the main attractive of Abshare Margoon protected area. Margoon waterfall falls from the... More

Estahban Waterfall

Estahban Waterfall - Estahban

ahban waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Fars that is located in the south side of Estahban. Passengers who have a long way to Sirjan, Bandarabbas, Kerman and Zahedan would stop and take rest for a while in this area. The waterfall has sixteen steps that its water ... More

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall - Antalya

this waterfall. This waterfall presents a place of rare beauty for the lovers of the nature and has a quite high flow rate. In summer and winter with its very green environment, the waterfall lets the visitors have a very nice rest and picnic, use boats on the river and enjo... More

Harijan Waterfall

Harijan Waterfall - Chalus

The waterfall is located in the upstream of Harijan village near Hezarcham defile in Tehran-Chalus freeway. Its height reaches more than 9m and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Alborz Mountains. This waterfall with large amount of water, forest and mountainous views flows ... More

Semirom waterfall

Semirom waterfall - Semirom

mirom waterfall 4km East Samirom and 160 km south of Tehran, at the bottom of the isthmic the same name, with stone walls and beautiful waterfall is located along the cascade mountains green nature and the environment, especially in spring and summer , attracts many tourists • track... More

Kamard Waterfall

Kamard Waterfall - Tehran

amard Waterfall is located in a district called Manoocher Abad, between Jajrood Road and Padis, in small village named Kamard, in the east of Arakooh. This waterfall is over 1500 years old and is glaring at the end of a valley covered with trees like elms, sycamores and mountainous... More

Akhlamad Waterfall

Akhlamad Waterfall - chenaran

lamad Waterfall is a popular tourist site. Akhlamad is a village in the province of Khorasan Razavi in northeastern of Iran. Akhlamad is known for its waterfalls which is a popular tourist excursion and also for its high walls which is one of the best climbing sites in Iran . It is t... More