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Nesha Celebrating

Nesha Celebrating - Nowshahr

eople of Mazandaran Province in North of Iran hold a ceremony to celebrate the new season of planting rice. The celebration begins with playing drums and trumpets and forming a carnival of women in traditional dressings. The carnival heads towards the rice fields and c... More

Celebrating and ceremony of making rosewater

Celebrating and ceremony of making rosewater - Isfahan

cture of Kashan also attract tourists and add to the popularity of this festival, too. The people of Qamsar collect roses, boil them in special pots and collect their vapors in beautiful containers. It is a matter of pride for the city that each year, the most sacred p... More

Ancient village of Majarshin

Ancient village of Majarshin - Osku

ation of approximately 1300 people. Majarshin was originally Mirza neshin ( a place where the people of high rank of society mostly lived) and in Reza Shah Pahlavi's time of policy of cultural assimilation which changing the name of cities was part of... More

Ancinet Quran of Negel village

Ancinet Quran of Negel village - Sanandaj

gel’s village historic Quran In 60 km west of sanandaj city and along the sanandaj-marivan road,there is a beautiful village called negel. Importance of this village is because of existence an old Quran. Because of this quran,negel village ... More