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Izad khast castle

Izad khast castle - Abadeh

le, a caravanserai, and a Safavid-period bridge. The castle structure is of particular interest due to the various architectural styles incorporated into the construction of the building, including Sassanid and Qajar periods. Indeed, the architecture of the castle is unique to Izadkhast, a... More

Khargushi Castle Caravanserai

Khargushi Castle Caravanserai - Ardakan

astle Caravanserai is located between Isfahan and Yazd, it is one of the most important caravanserais in Safavid period. The nearest village to this caravanserai is located at the distance of 7 kilometres. This caravanserai has an area of 6400 square meters, it is placed in t... More

Moin - ol Tojar Caravanserai

Moin - ol Tojar Caravanserai - Ahvaz

This caravanserai (inn) is located next to the white bridge and in the ancient context of Ahvaz. A person whose name was Moin-ol Tojar built this building when shipping was so rich in the Kuron River. After entrancing of Linch brothers to the Kuron, trading was booming, therefore a person ... More

Abbasi Goz inn ( Caravanserai )

Abbasi Goz inn ( Caravanserai ) - Borkhar

Gaz caravanserai is one of the remarkable caravanserais which was built at the behest of Shah Abbas I. it is located in Gaz city 15 kilometers of the north of Isfahan. Shah Abbas was the powerful king of Safavid era. In his time the economy of Iran was boomed greatly. He ordered to build... More

Shah Abbasi Caravanserai

Shah Abbasi Caravanserai - Karaj

Each caravanserai is approximiately 30-50 km from the next. Some old buildings such as cistern, und Chaparkhaneh ( a place to change the horse for “post”-people), Hammam ( Bath-Places) and telegraphy institute (in older Time in use), can now be visited. Caravanserais located on the Si... More

Qozloq Caravanserai ( Qozlq )

Qozloq Caravanserai ( Qozlq ) - Gorgan

Qozloq caravansary is located east of the road linking Gorgan to Shahkooh,between Gachin and Sofalin.Built of stones,bricks and plaster,this apline building has a corridor opening on the east and is lined by a multitude of chambers.The herringbone-and crescentshaped arches used in this constructi... More

Robat Shah Abbasi Caravanserai

Robat Shah Abbasi Caravanserai - Meybod

Maybod Robat (inn) or Caravanseray is located net to city rampart. This Caravanseray is considered as one of the most complete complex of road maintenance of ancient age. From location viewpoint it is located exactly at Kasnava Qanats spring and near Maybod western gate. But it is certain that R... More