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Karun River

Karun River - Ahvaz

name, Karun, is a corruption of the name, Kuhrang which is still maintained by one of the two primary tributaries of the Karun. There are a number of dams on the Karun River, mainly built to generate hydroelectric power and provide flood control. Gotvand Dam, Masjed So... More

Fahlian River

Fahlian River - Mamasani

nuous river that originate from Fars Sepidan Mountains, Doshmanziari, and Javide Mamaseni. This river with passing by these area and below Fahlian Bridge make common border between Rostam and Mamaseni Town ships. The river with its important potential role provides necessary ... More

Dalaki River

Dalaki River - Dashtestan

This river originates from the mountains located in the west of Shiraz. Dalaki River irrigates wide gardens and groves in the northern part of Borazjan. Shabankare Dam has been constructed on this river. Around the dam is a natural resort for visitors. Reference: tourismir... More

Zrynhrvd River

Zrynhrvd River - Shahin Dezh

River Zrynhrvd Zrynhrvd River (Jghatv) is the name of a river in northwestern Iran which is located in the southeastern province of West Azerbaijan. The river is 230 km long, is the longest river in the city falcon castle and villagers traveled, and finally ... More

Shahrood River

Shahrood River - Qazvin

km. River shahrood terms of climate, rainfall regime, hydrological system and other characteristics, is one of the mountainous rivers. Always arises river shahrood to late spring, with plenty of water and mud carried. Alluvium of the river is of considerable importance for... More

Ghareaghaj River

Ghareaghaj River - Kavar

aghaj River is one of the most important rivers in Fars. Its water is permanent and its width in mountainous areas is 20 m and in plain areas is up to 400 m. This river with the length of 700 km, form where it originates to Persian Gulf plays an important role in the ecosystem and ... More

River Aras

River Aras - Jolfa

Araz River basin is in Azerbaijan. The Zangmar, Sariso, Ghotour River, Hajilar River, Kalibar River, Ilghena River, Darreh River and Balha River are the major tributaries of the Aras from the south (right). In Turkey the Ghareso river flow... More

Shor River ( Abharrood - Abhar's river )

Shor River ( Abharrood - Abhar's river ) - Karaj

har's river) or shor rood is a river in Iran that runs between Abhar and Qom. this vicinity is within the limits of the eastern face of Garah Daq Mountains, in the rural area of Sajas, taking its source 30 km north east of Qeydar. In addition to smaller tributaries adjoining with, ... More