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Suspended Bridge of Meshgin Shahr

Suspended Bridge of Meshgin Shahr - Meshgin Shahr

Suspension bridge Meshkinshahr The Suspension bridge Meshkinshahr as the largest suspension bridge in the Middle East at an altitude of 80 meters above the river Khyav was built. The bridge is 365 meters long, two meters wide and the number of days of the year. Reference: More

Qahqahe Castle

Qahqahe Castle - Meshgin Shahr

Qahqahe ( laughter ) Castle is in the YAFT village one of the Mooradloo's village near Kanchubeh and Qaraqag village and at a distance of 80 km from the north of the Meshkin. Qahqahe Castle has located at Qaradaq area with 1200 m height from sea level , with tall walls and at the center of the ro... More

Langhbiz  village

Langhbiz village - Meshgin Shahr

Langhbiz village 20 km from the border with Azerbaijan and Ardabil province is Razi. The village is located in the mountains bordering the entry and exit so that only one road riding. refrence: More