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Mrakan protected area

Mrakan protected area - Khoy

rakan protected area Marakan protected area is located in the south of the Aras river’s shore and in Khooy city.Khooy’s marakan protected area as the most important and beautiful ecotourism area with 103 thousand and 983 hectars is one of the old... More

Jajrood  protected area

Jajrood protected area - Pakdasht

jrood protected area is located between Sorkh-e-Hesar national park and Khajeir. These two parks are located in separate parts one in the east of Tehran and the other in the south of Haraz road(Ab-e-Ali). The zone with more than 250 years is one of the most historical protectedMore

Mian Jangal Protected Area

Mian Jangal Protected Area - Fasa

angal protected region. The flora of this region encompasses 325 species 41 of which are endemic. The fauna consists of 36 mammal species, 86 bird species, 24 creeper species and 4 amphibian species of which 20 bird species and 3 mammal species are endemic in the region and registered in t... More

Dena Protected Area

Dena Protected Area - Dena

Dena protected Zone. It has the privilege of having a vegetation and animal species. This region is mountainous area with high summits, tall faces and deep valleys. In the eastern part of Dena, there is the historical bottleneck of Bijan. The northern, western and southern frontier... More

Bahukalat (Gando) Protected Area

Bahukalat (Gando) Protected Area - Chabahar

This area is the habitat of unique Iranian crocodile, which lives in shallow parts of Bahu Kalar River. This is the habitat for the Iranian mugger crocodile or (gando) a rare species that survives in this and three other nearby river basins in the extreme southeastern area of Iran,... More

Arasbaran Protected Area

Arasbaran Protected Area - Kaleybar

inous area stretching from the Qūshā Dāgh massif, south of Ahar, to the Aras River in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. The region is confined to Aras River in the north, Meshgin Shahr County and Moghan in the east, Sarab County in the south, and Tabriz and Marand counties in the west. Sin... More

Do dangeh protected area

Do dangeh protected area - Sari

منطقه حفاظت شده دودانگه و چهاردانگه منطقه ای کوهستانی می‌باشد که مساحت شانزده هزار و نهصد و چهار هکتار را دارا بود و در حدود نود و پنج کیلومتری جنوب شرقی شهرستان ساری واقع شده است . این منطقه دارای گونه‌های گیاهی و جانوری بسیار زیادی می‌باشد و از نظر ویژگی‌های بوم شناختی نظیر آب و هوا،‏ توپوگرا... More