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SarDashi - Hamedan

n the potato method bpzah) Goes you far and away the head of dashi... More

Azeri Rice Bowl

Azeri Rice Bowl - Bonab

rated potato wrapped around his face. then without foil (and if you've uncovered his face with almond potatoes with foil) in the oven at 180 degrees for half an hour Pzym. Reference: More


Eqlid - City

rley, potato and fruits like grapes, walnut, apple, and pear. Its main road is Emam Khomeini Boulevard. During the Achamenid empire its name was azargarta. Eghlid has many historical places dating back to pre-Islamic era. Eghlid's name might come from "kelid," which means key in Persian... More

Kohlrabi Soup ( Ash-e Qonbid )

Kohlrabi Soup ( Ash-e Qonbid ) - Qom

than potato and lentil. Add minced meat which had been fried and cooked with black pepper and turmeric before into Aash, let Aash to be thick. Once all ingredients are completely cooked, fry half of the fried onion with garlic and pour it  alongwith half of whey(kashk) into Aash and le... More


hg - Sarab

rgest potato cultivation into account. Residents of the village next to the livestock farming (cattle, buffalo, sheep) also pay. The Cow Studios blooded animals seen a handful of the most Khvrd.v cattle breeds (Dutch) are lactating. Some of the villagers are engaged in apiculture. Sheep f... More