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Resort of Palangan

Resort of Palangan - Neyriz

Palangan is a village in Horgan Rural District, in the Central District of Neyriz County, Fars Province. It is a very green area that is covered with fig trees, pomegranates, willow and old cypress. This resort I one of them most significant resorts of the city. The re... More

The Inscription of the Daughter of Gabr

The Inscription of the Daughter of Gabr - Eqlid

cause of its historical significance, it is considered as the identification of Eghlid. The basin of Dokhtar-e-Gabr is located at the downtown of Eghlid on the hillside of a cliff and in the heart of a mountain; there is carved a two-step space in the mid... More

Arg of Tehran ( Citadel of Tehran )

Arg of Tehran ( Citadel of Tehran ) - Tehran

quare of Tehran. The waterpool that was destroyed in recent days was made in Qajar`s time. Arg the oldest neighborhood of the capital had a limited extent many years ago. In fact the extent of it from the beginning of its formation remained stable. This area is curren... More

Temple of JAHROM-Tomb of Barbod

Temple of JAHROM-Tomb of Barbod - Jahrom

south of Jahrom city over the beautiful hill can be seen the remains of very old building with arcade and numerous naves that overlooks the whole city of Jahrom. It belongs to Sassanid era and it has been under repair by cultural heritage organization in recent years. This i... More

Jameh Mosque of Zanjan

Jameh Mosque of Zanjan - Zanjan

osque of Zanjān (Persian: مسجد جامع زنجان‎ – Masjid-e-Jāmeh Zanjān) also known as, Seyyed Mosque (Persian: مسجد سید ‎, Masjid-e-Seyyed) and Sultani Mosque, is the grand, congregational mosque (Jāmeh) of Zanjān city, Iran. The mosque is situated in the old part of the city and... More

Jameh Mosque of Jahrom

Jameh Mosque of Jahrom - Jahrom

osque of Jahrom is one of the historical mosques of Saljughian period located at the intersection of Baharestan and Jahrom Township and in the old district of Sanan. The mosque has two floors and is built of the natural stone of the mountain and st... More

Zoroastians' Tower of Silence

Zoroastians' Tower of Silence - Yazd

Tower of silence means Cemetery of Geber in Persian culture. Two towers of silence are located on a high hill, about Safaiyeh quarter, in the south end part of Yazd. The old one is known as Hanjaki Hatria (Indian extraction Zoroastrian), and newer one as Golestan. The... More

Shrine Of bibi hakimeh

Shrine Of bibi hakimeh - Gachsaran

ghter of seventh imam,musa ibn kadhim and imam reza’s sister is one of the most popular shrines in south of country. Her grave placed in 81 kilometers and south of Gachsaran in east side of bibi hakimeh village which indeed an open natural area that sunked in de... More

Water Mill of Pasband

Water Mill of Pasband - Lamerd

Mill of Pasband Water Mill of Pasband is one of the Islamic Period history works that is located in Lamerd Town Ship in Fars Province at distance of 63 kilometers of south east of Lamerd city. This area placed at the foot mountain and consisted ofMore

Nomads Of Pakdasht

Nomads Of Pakdasht - Pakdasht

s one of the townships of Tehran. It is located in southeast of Tehran. This city which has numerous towns and industrial areas, is the center of sand and gravel. Up to 75 percent of Tehran’s flowers are growing in Pakdasht. There live 600 nomadic families wit... More

Narges lands  of Kazeroon

Narges lands of Kazeroon - Kazeroun

cause of having fertile soil, abundant supply of ground water, the variety of natural resource and its vegetation. Around the city is full of narcissuses and the fields of narcissuses that the scent of narcissus can tranquillize everyone; the quality and... More

Lake of Ekbatam dam

Lake of Ekbatam dam - Hamedan

Lake of Ekbatan Dam is located at 11 km southeast of Hamadan. The lake has an area about 60 acres and the minimum and maximum depth of it respectively is 18 m and 32 m. In the recent years, about 15 acres of land surrounding the lake wooded and some tress such as spru... More

Shaghayegh Plains Of Mallard

Shaghayegh Plains Of Mallard - Malard

rival of spring and decrease in temperature, mountains slopes and the beautiful hills of Akhtar Abad( in Mallard) are covered with anemones within an area of several hectares; their redness is so clear that can be seen from a far distance. Anemones plain of Mallard is... More

Tomb of Faraghi

Tomb of Faraghi - Maraveh Tappeh

oleum of Makhtoom-Qoli Faraghi , the famous poet and mystic , Stands in a Locality by the name of Aq-Taqay ( Dasht-e Sefid ) , on the road Between Maraveh Tappeh and kerned , in Mi-noodasht township , 155 Kilometers northeast of Gonbad-e kavoos. The dome and landscaping ... More