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Boshruyeh desert

Boshruyeh desert - Boshruyeh

erage area are: Sargph desert, eagle, foot brush, jackal, wolf, fox, sand, cat sand, a variety of Gama and Jacko, horned viper, June snake, adder, snake, camel and ... In the eastern part sabulous, Boshruyeh Salt Desert is located. The desert south of the city Boshruye... More

Ghoom Tappa Desert

Ghoom Tappa Desert - Shabestar

d the desert hills near the city of Tabriz, textured geographical area are very different. Desert area northwest southeast direction, and within a little salt. Small isolated sand dunes in this area has been seen that the attention of tourists. This areaMore

Maranjab desert

Maranjab desert - Aran va Bidgol

anjab Desert is located in Isfahan province, Iran. It is located by the city of Aran va Bidgol, one of the ancient desert cities of Isfahan province. It was once composed of two separate cities, Aran and Bidgol. The Maranjab Desert is also close to Kashan, only about 50km b... More

Kalut Shahdad Desert

Kalut Shahdad Desert - Kerman

n Lut Desert, Iran. A yardang is formed in cohesive material. Hedin first found the wind-sculptured "clay terraces" or yardangs in the dried up riverbed of the Kurruk-daria in Central Asia. However, yardangs can be found in most deserts across the globe.Depending upon the winds and the co... More

Arasbaran Protected Area

Arasbaran Protected Area - Kaleybar

oting tourism. One example is Motaalleq Hot spring therapeutic facility, which is the largest of its kind in Iran. The facility, with an area of 12870 m2 includes bathing areas, coffee-shop, restaurants, prayer room, and gymnasium. In recent years, the local government has organi... More