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Village Divaznav

Village Divaznav - Sarvabad

range Shahoo, in the southwest region of Kurdistan in rural Oramanat called "Divaznav" is very old. This village has a beautiful nature. Despite the specific architecture and traditional culture, life, hope and endurance, is underway. Reference: More

Hamoon Lake ( hamoun )

Hamoon Lake ( hamoun ) - Zabol

ing a habitat for rare animal and plant species. Besides being an axis for the food chain of the vast desert region, having economic values and providing a habitat for the refuge and breeding of a number of birds both endemic and migrant. Moreover, the vegetation coverage in this vi... More

Kiyamaki wildlife refuge

Kiyamaki wildlife refuge - Jolfa

dlife habitat and grazing by cattle ranchers and local. Kyamky aquatic habitats wildlife refuge mainly in the border river Aras and beautiful aquatic and migratory birds in season Mkhtlfsal of water is underway. Cliffs harsh and difficult cliffs and deep valleys and mountains "quintal" is ... More

Tootsiah hunting prohibited region

Tootsiah hunting prohibited region - Bavanat

is a habitat for species of flora and fauna. This area has been banned for hunting. The area has two quite high mountain ranges named Koohsefid and Omarkooh with a height more than 2800 m that is counted of the ranges of Zagros Mountain. The regional rainfall is about 350 mm that in the ... More

Shirabad Cave

Shirabad Cave - Ramian

is a habitat for some animal species as salamander. Shirabad is located at a height above the waterfalls. Most parts of it are dark and at the end of the cave there is a spring that is the origin of the cave formation. Due to steep slopes of Alborz in the east and too many springs on... More

Sarandoon and Balandoon Wetland Complex

Sarandoon and Balandoon Wetland Complex - Sari

llent habitat for birds and water species. Besides which the natural environmental beauty together with easy access to this verdant area can provide the scope for it to be taken advantage of as a sight-seeing spot. Reference: More

Parishan lake

Parishan lake - Kazeroun

ering habitat for many migratory birds. References: ... More

Nature Reserve of Boghrati

Nature Reserve of Boghrati - Razan

dlife habitat and Boqrati heights which are known Boqrati hunting ground are located at distance of 35km of Razan city. This place is a suitable home for native birds such as partridge and grouse. At the foot of mountains some animals such as sheep, wild sheep, wolves, foxes, coyotes, rabb... More

Maharloo Lake

Maharloo Lake - Sarvestan

inter habitat for many Northern birds. The water body is an exclusive home only for the crustacen 'Artemia', and the unicellular algae Dunaliella. The original Artemia species was nearly completely replaced by Artemia Franciscan, introduced by the provincial Fisheries department. The lake... More

Bahukalat (Gando) Protected Area

Bahukalat (Gando) Protected Area - Chabahar

s the habitat of unique Iranian crocodile, which lives in shallow parts of Bahu Kalar River. This is the habitat for the Iranian mugger crocodile or (gando) a rare species that survives in this and three other nearby river basins in the extreme southeastern area of Iran, above the p... More

Gandoman Lagoon

Gandoman Lagoon - Borujen

tural habitat for birds, as well as recreational areas, paddocks, and riding facilities in the surrounding meadows. Because of its temperate summers and cold winters, the region is considered as a summer quarter for this province. Various springs surrounding this wetland make excellent re... More

Natural Park of Sisangan

Natural Park of Sisangan - Nowshahr

s the habitat types and species of tree, shrub and grass and animal Sangan area of thirty acres in Forest Park ‪ 602 ‬ ‪ 27 ‬ km East of Noshahr and the vegetation and attracting tourists, the park is one of the country. The Caspian Sea runs high ‪ 50 ‬ m above sea level and has a humid cl... More

Karaj Dam ( Amir Kabir Dam )

Karaj Dam ( Amir Kabir Dam ) - Karaj

tural habitat for rainbow trout. With its sailing and water-skiing facilities, the dam is a popular weekend summer resort. Reference: More

Darband Sahneh ( Sarab Sahneh )

Darband Sahneh ( Sarab Sahneh ) - Sahneh

s the habitat and resort of lots of kings from different periods . Next to this Sarab there is a beautiful waterfall that its water comes out with strong push from split of the mountain. This waterfall during the spring is considered as the spectacular scenery of Sahne . Not long times a... More

Alimestan forest

Alimestan forest - Amol

orest habitat plant "Alyma" that grows in May. Its name is derived from the forest Alimestan say.It is impossible, alpine forests of the sea, the low temperature in the hot season and there are numerous springs and diverse forest cover and plain and clear water and beautiful horses of the ... More

Neor lake

Neor lake - Khalkhal

s the habitat of rainbow trout and birds such as ruddy shelduck and migrant swallows. Sports, fishing and other recreational activities are common and popular at this site. These lakes joint together and make a unit lake in spring. Neor Lake is an ecosystem for some species of emigrant ... More

Yaniq wetland

Yaniq wetland - Hashtrud

eding habitat in the country whiteheads The laws administered by the Environmental Protection Agency are among the free zones And authorized seasons, hunters used by itself. Reference: More