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Sheykh Danial Minaret

Sheykh Danial Minaret - Khonj

Sheikh Daniyal ' minaret is located in the city of Khonj in Shiraz and is one the unique minarets of Iran. The minaret is situated on the north side of his tomb and 25 m of it is remained. The upper side of the minaret is collapsed and destroyed. Shekh Da... More

Tomb of Sheikh yosuf sarvestani

Tomb of Sheikh yosuf sarvestani - Sarvestan

name of Mohammad the son of Hassan Ali Albizavi. From the architectural point, this building dates back to patriarch era and its ornaments are taken from the common ornaments of the era. In fact its architecture is the same as architecture of Sassanid era an... More

Tomb of Sheikh Shahabuddin Ahari

Tomb of Sheikh Shahabuddin Ahari - Ahar

tomb of "Shaikh Shahab al-Ahari" was established to bring together cultural works of literature and mysticism. Specialized literature and mysticism of the museum itself is. The museum traces the history of Safavid and Qajar more Manufacturer is. Literary museums in t... More

Tomb of Sheikh Safi-Ad-Din Ardabili

Tomb of Sheikh Safi-Ad-Din Ardabili - Ardabil

part of the complex are many sections that have served a variety of functions over the past centuries, including a library, a mosque, a school, mausolea, a cistern, a hospital, kitchens, a bakery, and some offices. It incorporates a route to reach the shrine of the More

sheykh alikhan safavi water storage

sheykh alikhan safavi water storage - Asadabad

Sheikh Alikhan Safavi water storage is the second ceiling reservoir and also a rare example of reservoirs in Iran. It is located in Assad Abad city, in a neighborhood called water storage. According to the architects this neighborhood was called Karvansara in the past. This name has... More

Shrine Of bibi hakimeh

Shrine Of bibi hakimeh - Gachsaran

atoon shrine Bibi hakimeh khatoon shrine,daughter of seventh imam,musa ibn kadhim and imam reza’s sister is one of the most popular shrines in south of country. Her grave placed in 81 kilometers and south of Gachsaran in east side of bibi hakimeh ... More

shrine of Shahzadeh Ghasem

shrine of Shahzadeh Ghasem - Fasa

aries of 1000 cultural centers of Fars mosques, public library of Astan is considered as the biggest library of Fars Province and one of the best libraries of the country with an area more than 310 square meters and 12,000 books. Darolquran of ... More