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Tange Tarman

Tange Tarman - Lamerd

Tang Tarman is one of the specular areas of Tarman village in Lamar Township in the south of Fars. This touristic zone is located in 12 km to the west of Lamard. The region has beautiful scenery of various trees, running waters in streams and the vegetation of the palm and lemon. Th... More

Tange Chogan Reliefs

Tange Chogan Reliefs - Kazeroun

Tang Choogan is located at 25 km of Kazeroon city and in front of ancient city of Bishapoor; Shapoor river passes through this strait from northeast to the southwest and the beautiful spring of Sasan bubbles from a part of this strait. The spring has persisted for long years and today supplies t... More

Tange Sayad natural park

Tange Sayad natural park - Shahrekord

Tang-e-sayad is a protected zone and a national park, also a special place for animals and a mountainous area. there`s no habitability place inside this zone but there are many cities and villages in the border. yet, 24 types mammalians from 19 genders that belongs to 14 families,70 types of bi... More

Tange Bostanak - The Lost Paradaise

Tange Bostanak - The Lost Paradaise - Marvdasht

Tang Bastanak or Paradise Lost located at the corner of northwest of 120 km to Shiraz and in an ideal climate zone called Kamfirooz; it is in an area of twenty thousand acres and its height is 1750 m from the sea level. Tang Bostanak is predominantly mountainous area with forest coverage that ha... More

Gilan's costume

Gilan's costume - Rasht

In contrast to the shorter skirts of the Ghoochani’s, the traditional Gilani dresses tend to be floor-length. A very distinct trend in the Gilani skirts is the traditional black and white stripes across the bottom of the skirt. Lighter solid shirt and vest are also worn and the head scarves tend... More