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Turquoise of Nishapur

Turquoise of Nishapur - Nishapur

onto the market. The substance has been known by many names, but the word turquoise, which dates to the 16th century, is derived from an Old French word for "Turkish", because the mineral was first brought to Europe from Turkey, from the mines ... More

Thus the Blue Mosque

Thus the Blue Mosque - Bonab

ce in the yard so that it mirrors the spiritual state of makes it special. This feature is part of the mosque ornament in architecture and vibrant and action prompts the viewer to do, but in his mind to explore the perceptions and provides introspection. Th... More

The Sirwan

The Sirwan - Paveh

The Sirwan This river is the longest river catchment Kurdish and Persian Gulf is one of the most important branches. Two major branches of the river from the main branch of the river, and Cham branch embankments (free will) is formed. Sirwan main b... More

The Inscription of the Daughter of Gabr

The Inscription of the Daughter of Gabr - Eqlid

The Inscription and basin of the daughter of Gabr: The basin of the daughter of Gabr( in Persian: Dokhtare Gabr) belongs to Sassanid era and is one of the touristic attractions of Eghlid Township in Fars Province. In the downtown of the city we w... More

The Celebration of Tirgan

The Celebration of Tirgan - Amol

The celebration of Tirgan is hold on the 13th evening of the month Tir according to the ancient calendar of Mazandaran, which is coincident with the 12th evening of the month Aban according to the official Jalali calendar of Iran. The celebr... More

The documentary of Charchi

The documentary of Charchi - Neka

The documentary of Charchi is the story of a person called Mokhtar who is itinerant who goes to different villages of Mazandarn with his adopted son, Bamon Ali, to sell his goods and purchase handicrafts and diaries instead. Mokhtar, who learned hair-cutting and tooth-pulling, teac... More

The summer deylaman

The summer deylaman - Siahkal

ne of the most beautiful and intact countryside in north of iran which leads in north to Alborz mountains and east to Dorfak peak and consisted of two part,pirkoh and deilaman.mountainous climate,several fountains,greenery and snowy mountains are considered as characteristic features of th... More