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Tomb of Mohtasham Kashani

Tomb of Mohtasham Kashani - Kashan

shani tomb Kamalodyn ali mohtasham kashani ,Iranian famous requiem was born in early tenth century in kashan. Mohtasham kashanie’s tomb had an area over 80 meters and marble bier stone located in middle of tomb. Rhere is a tiling(glazed),turquoise dome shape with 14 m... More

Tomb of Heyquqe Nabi

Tomb of Heyquqe Nabi - Tuyserkan

s one of the twelve prophets. Heyquqe means to be embraced in Hebrew Language. This tomb is one of the oldest monuments of Iran. It belongs to Seljuk period in the sixth century AD. The building is octagonal-shaped tower and it has a pyramid-shaped dome with 16 gaps. ... More

Tomb of Baba Pir

Tomb of Baba Pir - Khvansar

ction of the city, it is around 15 square km and is located in the south of the city on Khansar mount’s hillside. Thousands of tourists come here from all over the country during the year in all seasons. Springs like Shotorkhan, and Pir close to sheik aba adman’s tomb ... More

Tomb of Imam Khomeini

Tomb of Imam Khomeini - Tehran

oleum of Ayatollah Khomeini houses the tomb of Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini and Ahmad Khomeini, his second son who died in 1995. It is located to the south of Tehran in the Behesht-e Zahra (the Paradise of Zahra) cemetery. Construction commenced in 1989 following K... More

Tomb of Faraghi

Tomb of Faraghi - Maraveh Tappeh

oleum of Makhtoom-Qoli Faraghi , the famous poet and mystic , Stands in a Locality by the name of Aq-Taqay ( Dasht-e Sefid ) , on the road Between Maraveh Tappeh and kerned , in Mi-noodasht township , 155 Kilometers northeast of Gonbad-e kavoos. The dome and landscaping ... More

Tomb of Amir Oveis

Tomb of Amir Oveis - Ardestan

One of the most dutiful and valuable monument of Ardestan city is the sepulcher stone of Amir Oveis which people of Ardestan known as white stone because it was made of beautiful alabaster that shine under sun shine like as silver. This site places upon the hi... More