Location: right side of Kashan road, Kashan, Isfahan.
Silk hill, was one of the oldest human settlements and temples of prehistoric humans in Iran. In fact ziggurat or the place of worship of the ancient tribes and is the first place where urbanization formed by Aryans.
It is made of clay and earthenware. The monument has got two cemeteries. One of the cemeteries is a cemetery that dates back 3,500 years, and the other one is B cemetery which dates back 3,000 years.
This monument was not detected until 1931 and it was known as a cursed city among the people of Kashan.
Human skeleton and old dishes which had had been lied in ruins around the monument are found and they are preserved in The Louvre Museum, Iran National Museum, Fin Garden Museum and a museum near this ancient monument.
The Bones remains of cattle and sheep in ruins reflect taming and raising these animals by the people of this area.
Explorers have found some clayey and rocky spindles that manifest their familiarity with this industry.
Silk people colored the body of dead people with a special mud called “Okhra” and sometimes buried valuable objects with the dead.

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Niasar ( Rais ) cave

Niasar ( Rais ...

The Niasar cave (called Reis Cave by locals) is thoroughly man-made, except for one or two natural chambers near the entrance openings. The cave is believed to be a Mitra temple (Mitra was ancient Persian religion). Its first cut possibly dates back to the Partian (Arsacid) era, ...

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Niasar Waterfall

Niasar Waterfa...

Location: Niasar Waterfall is located in Niasar City,Isfahan Province. Few meters down to the Niasar fire temple there is a clean and cool spring which flows through the village. The spring is called Ska...

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Historical bath and watermill of Niasar

Historical bat...

Historical bathhouse and watermill are other ancient monument of Niasar city. According to some research they belong to Safavid era. The Ancient Bathhhouse: It’s interesting to know how water transfers into the bath. Water was conducted into a beautiful Octagon and thereafter went to ...

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Niasar fire temple ( Chahar Taghi )

Niasar fire te...

The Niasar Fire Temple or Niasar Chahar Taghi (Four Arches) is a structure with a dome over a rock at the highest point of Niasar Village, located 28 kilometers west of Kashan city, Isfahan province. The fire templ...

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Silk hill

Silk hill

Location: right side of Kashan road, Kashan, Isfahan. Silk hill, was one of the oldest human settlements and temples of prehistoric humans...

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Fin Garden kashan

Fin Garden kas...

Fin Garden, or Bagh-e Fin, located in Kashan, Iran, is a historical Persian garden. It contains Kashan's Fin Bath, where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered by an assassi...

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Kashan bazzar

Kashan bazzar

Kashan market One of the most attractive places of Kashan to visit is big and old market of Kashan. This market from Seljuk period to now,has been active and thriving. Information| Map | Route

Tabatabyiha house

Tabatabyiha ho...

tabatabaeis house With dare we can title tabatabaeis house as the bride of Iranian house. Proper architecture and super beautiful look of it has brought this fame and name to it. Construction of this house began in 1250 and made over 10 years. Tabata...

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