This is one of the well-known and historical orchards of Iran. The orchard manifests Iranian and traditional architecture, and has an eye catching landscape.
Located in Mehriz city, Yazd Province, the orchard covers an area of roughly five hectares and dates back to Qajar era.
Historical buildings in this orchard have created a special bond between the nature and art of architecture.
Although this orchard was constructed in the Qajar era, the hallmarks of architectural styles, belonging to Zandieh era, era evident in different parts of this orchard.
Due to its unique features, this orchard was registered among Iran’s historical monuments in 2002. It was also listed on the world heritage list in addition to eight other Iranian orchards in 2011.
Water flowing across this orchard has added beauty to it.the water current, originating from Hassanabad Aqueduct, irrigates the orchard in addition to Shah-Hosseini and Mazvirabad aqueducts.
The orchard also has pomegranate, almod and persimmon trees. The orchard is surrounded by a fence.
The orchard includes a summerhouse, a winter quarter, janitor’s unit, the public bathroom and the kitchen. Its architectural style is a blend of the ...see more architectural style of the summerhouse and the central courtyard.





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