Bonab Mehrabad mosque
Bonab Mehrabad mosqueThus the number 780 in the list of monuments have been recorded , one of the most valuable monuments of the region.
Because healthcare and capital Mnqsh Ktbh mosque minarets and beautiful long and 25 meters height exception is of particular importance .
The mosque in 951 AH - AH cost Bibi Khanum, daughter of John M. Shah has made the big time .
Thus , like other cities of Tehran mosque mosque is more than a meter high cliff .
Taqnmahay porch with brick dome and will attract attention Hrbynndh .
Upon entering the main prayer hall of the mosque in an array of columns can be seen in the perspective that has been attributed to the right Chehelsotoon .
In fact, in six rows of 36 columns six feet Vsrstvn wooden octagonal stone columns , wooden columns and a painted wooden ceiling keeps Mogharnas .
In addition to the three sides of the central nave east - west - north nave Women ( balcony ) on 16 wooden columns is maintained.
Women 's access to the eastern side of the yard near the main entrance (right ) and the period after the entry has ...see more been created.
Thus the stone pillars of the mosque and the mosque like any other polygon in the lower and upper cylindrical wooden pillars on which they are placed .
The mosque was built of wood lathe capital on the type of plants are decorating .
All thirty-six columns, each with a distinct style and style is actually a collection of true elegance and the art of the mosque, therefore , particularly at Mehrabad there.
Six King Tyrsngyny Barsqf Jrz · hay and columns equal to the pass.
Observation and reflection , understanding Ngnjd , elegance and style , fit and trim majestic minarets Lajvrdysh especially praiseworthy created a work of art enthusiasts who always love history and ancient heritage has attracted .
Construction of the mosque is beautiful, exquisite decorations and historic plaque , to be one of the precious treasures of the fact that each of the elements within the architecture of the Safavid period as representing talent and dexterity in the art that the creators of the miraculous appearance of the patient they used to have .
General plan of the mosque, which stemmed from a school , Hall and its square , magnificent places to raise the Achaemenid period .
In fact, the tendency to maintain the tradition in this period of history back to the original source and the revival of one of the foundations of the ancient monuments , the length of the eastern gateway city, we are close to the field , the effect is beautiful and well-proportioned stature , his presence takes place over a relatively long page .
On arrival at the scene in front of the north wall , a marble tablet , dated 951 AH - AH can be seen that the mosque would tenth century and the reign of Shah Tahmasp .
The building has two entrances from the east side to the length of the enclosure is opened . The corridor passes through the eastern entrance to the courtyard of the mosque is through the north side of the road a few steps into the shoes is the area south of the entrance Drzl bedchamber .
The east entrance to the courtyard of the mosque leads local shoe and Minaret ( desire ) is so beautiful and blue .
Tehran mosque minaret was therefore a single cylindrical body decorated with blue tiles and its height is 14 m and the outer diameter of 2 meters and has 33 steps.
It is pleasing decorative painting methods and style are unique in terms of shielding layers of paint and maintain the originality of the situation is very .
Over time, such a weakening effect on the magnitude and effects of the heart have been deceived .
Negar journey in space, filled with the faithful of the building and the landscape lay bathed in the hearts of monotheistic faith makes Raskhtr .
The decoration of these features and viewers to think unwittingly led him to discover the secrets of the mind and stimulate introspection .

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Bonab Mehrabad mosque Bonab Mehrabad mosqueThus the number 780 in the list of monuments have been recorded , one of the most valuable monuments of the region. Because healthcare and capital Mnqsh Ktbh mosque minarets ...

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