Qvrygl wetlands in East Azarbaijan is located at N3754 E4642 geographical location .
This wetland is located 18 kilometers northwest of Tabriz Bostanabad its height from sea level is 1890 meters .
The lake water of rivers and streams flood and low seasonal lake is supplied by the following spring , and sweet.
Lake and flower pot stagnant water in roadside transit Tabriz - Tabriz East Bostanabad between 45 km and 15 km West Bostanabad, the Eastern Ghat mountains and highlands Shebli is located in a hollow .
The lake with the local people in the name of the flower pot ( dry ponds ) is known , but some trick to avoid it ( pool of clear water ) and some fool Qvyl ( ponds and pits profound ) call.
Perhaps this is more true name .
Length and width of the flower pot , 4 km and its area is 16 square kilometers and the depth of the lake - which has water all year - at the deepest point is 13 meters .
The lake water is fresh and potable water treatment in case . At present, farmland irrigation water in rural villages around the lake Arshtnab , Ramnab and Yusef Abad , the consumption ...see more is .
Around the lake, grassland , grasslands, farms and plantations have been learned and the air conditioning in summer , a rest and recreation center for the people of Tabriz.
Flower pot Azerbaijan today is among the stagnant water , is a long history .
Flower pot wetlands of environmental resources is of great importance as one of the country's internationally protected wetlands are registered .
This important wetland habitat for many migratory birds from internationally. Therefore, its protection as a primary objective has been considered inevitable .
Lake flower pot having regard to the various capabilities can include goals such as biodiversity conservation , education , research is Vakvtvrysm .
However, the optimal use of natural conditions and tourism, recreational and adjacent wetland has been constructed to serve travelers.
Flower pot wetlands as Ramsar wetlands of international Drknvansyvn is recorded for a number of bird habitat Mhajrabzy and support of national and international importance .
Wetlands flower pot three decades as the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International recorded 73 Vdrsal as approved hunting area is prohibited .
Wetlands International flower pot decades before the passage of the Armenian sheep habitat as one of the rare species , but due to urban development and building industry, this feature is missing
Flower pot Azhyat wetland wildlife such as mammals can be ready in time " Jrbyl Iran" plantation mice , rats, Magi , wolves , foxes and Smvrsngy pointed out.
About 92 species of birds have been identified in the Wetlands International flower pot that can be called whiteheads duck , duck marble, oak duck as some of them mentioned that among the animal species under threat of extinction are considered .
Also, more than 280 plant species in flower pot Wetlands International found that 89 percent of the grown area of wetland and other aquatic and semi- aquatic plants in the pond and its immediate area account.
Vrdrab submerged wetland plants were also considered as one of the most Azjzab plantain species such as blue , blue buttercups , Qvshab shoulder , types of algae are Vfytvplanktvn .
Wetlands of international importance flower pot as a tourist perspective , it is clear that the original plan in early 1384 , "Determination of tourism zones " were introduced .
The plan is clear : according to the beautiful natural landscape of wetlands in providing proper infrastructure to the increasing demand for outdoor recreation in the area will increase.
Identified 280 species of aquatic areas Watershed , 111 species , including 92 types of birds and 19 types of reptiles and one species of carp , it Pzyrnbvdn ice skating , swimming and sailing on the lagoon due to the special conditions of climate , including cases that plans of tourism Qvrygl mentioned is located .
Based on scientific studies conducted worldwide , nearly 20 positive benefits for wetlands Drtdavm functionality of human life , have been identified .
Groundwater recharge and discharge , protection against natural forces , protect shorelines and erosion control , commercial exploitation , protecting wildlife as some Azfvayd wetlands as natural wealth is God-given .
Furthermore Drtnzym flow wetlands , flood control , groundwater aquifers Shvrbh helps prevent water, removing toxic substances, act as a windbreak , absorb carbon reduction and maintaining biodiversity are vital .


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