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Pol Dokhtar Miyaneh

Distance: 182 km - time: 1 hour 48 minswatch the road

Dokhtar Mianeh castle (Qyzqalasy)

Distance: 184 km - time: 1 hour 53 minswatch the road

Seyidler Mianeh spring

Distance: 234 km - time: 2 hours 28 minswatch the road

Azarshahr Mosalla hill

Distance: 244 km - time: 2 hours 23 minswatch the road

Tomb of Sheikh Bayazid Bastami

Distance: 270 km - time: 2 hours 39 minswatch the road

Zahhak Castle

Distance: 277 km - time: 2 hours 52 minswatch the road

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