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Kang is a village in Jagharq Rural District, Torqabeh District, Torqabeh and Shandiz County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. The Kang Village dates back to the pre-Islamic era.
The ancient castle, “Qal’e Tigh Miyan” castle, and “Robat Shah Abbasi” guest house are indicative of the village’s old record. The rural village of Kang is a like a canvas of beautiful pictures in spring and summer.
Every year many lovers of nature and mountaineers travel to this area inorder to enjoy the pleasant climate of the village. Although village’s attractions have mostly remained away from the eyes of tourists, there are various natural beauties in the region.
Being located at the banks of the River Kang and adjacent to lofty mountains, the Kang Village enjoys a moderate and cool weather. Since it has a steep-like configuration and its lands are not suitable for cultivation, gardening and such-like jobs prevail in this area.
Cattle raising and Carpet weaving are popular ...see more among the villagers as well. The architecture of the village is similar to the Masooleh village (the roof of one house is the yard of the other).
Regarding the climate, the course of the winds and the direction of the sun shine, the houses are built on a northeast-southwest line to optimize energy consumption.
The houses are covered with adobe and the genuine historical context of it has mostly preserved. The graveyard of the village has old tombs with historical symbols and signs.
On every grave there is a sign that indicates the tribe, job and gender of the dead person. It is believed that the first group of immigrants to the village was the “Miroon” tribe from Sistan region in the east of Iran. The village has a wide diversity of souvenirs such as barberry, Saffron, sugar candy and different fruits; there is also a kind of Local bread baked with Potato and mountainous herbs. The villagers speak in Farsi with the local Dialect and are all Muslims and followers of the holy prophet’s Ahl-ul-Bayt. References: http://en.wikipedia.org http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/Iran/tourism

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