The Karkas Mountain chain ( Reshteh kuh-e Karkas ) is located in Central Iran.
It ranges from Kashan to Ardestan over more than 100 km and is mainly composed of igneous (plutonic and volcanic), pyroclastic and somewhat sedimentary Tertiary rocks.
In the central part, this mountain chain consists of a Precambrian-Paleozoic basement.
The highest peak of the Karkas Mountains is 3895m which is close to Natanz.

Although in Persian karkas means vulture, it is possible that the name of this mountain chain is derived from the settlement activity of ancient Kassites in the area, since in the ancient Assyrian Language Kar-Kassi means "town or land of the Kassites" (modified interpretation after Roman Ghirshman, 1954).


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Abyaneh village

Abyaneh villag...

Being a village of great antiquity, Abyaneh is like a living architectural and anthropological museum. It affords an impressive exponent of the adaptation of man with his environment. It is located on the north-western slope of Mt Karkas, 2 kms away from ...

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Karkas Mountain

Karkas Mountai...

The Karkas Mountain chain ( Reshteh kuh-e Karkas ) is located in Central Iran. It ranges from Kashan to Ardestan over more than 100 km a...

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Gonbad -e Baz (Hawk Dome)

Gonbad -e Baz ...

Hawk dome is a marvelous architectural work belongs to Safavid era. It is located on circular rubble stone with the height of one to three meters and is situated over the highest point of Karkas Mountain. Due to its fame it is known as Hawk ...

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Sassani fire Temple of Natanz

Sassani fire T...

Four pillars from seven pillars of Natanz Fire Temple are still standing, a fire temple that is said to be built in the Sassanian era. Though, from its four free standing arches, only one is standing, but it is still the Information| Map | Route

Murcheh Khort citadel ( Murchehkhort )

Murcheh Khort ...

Moorche Khort is a historical bricked castle with 15000 square meters and high towers which is located 50 kilometers far from north of Isfahan. The exact history of building that is one of the Islamic relics is still not determined, but it is reported...

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Rayans recreational touristy village

Rayans recreat...

Rayan tourism and recreational village Rayan tourism and recreational village located in excellent tourism region in 30km of Natanz and in 2500 meters height from sea level in karkas mountains foot which historic kesheh village viea and torough rud m...

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tameh waterfall

tameh waterfal...

tameh waterfall Tameh village with several thousand oldness located in south of Natanz and because of locating in the foot of elevated Karkas Mountain is one o...

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Hanjan village

Hanjan village


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