Gaz Caravanserai is one of the remarkable caravanserais which was built at the behest of Shah Abbas I. it is located in Gaz city 15 kilometers of the north of Isfahan.
Shah Abbas was the powerful king of Safavid era. In his time the economy of Iran was boomed greatly.
He ordered to build some caravanserais in the whole country in order to increase the safety of the roads for the ease of travellers, thus these were made in different areas of the country with the title of Shah Abbasi Caravanserai.
Gaz Inn has 36 rooms on four sides and on the top. It also has corridors for keeping livestock and burdens besides four three-room spaces in the corners of this inn made this inn one of the initial interesting caravanserais in Safavid Era.
One of the significant points of this inn is the existence of four towers in each of four sides that were used for monitoring.
Another unique feature of this place is its marvelous tile work on the façade of ...see more the entrance.
In past Gaz ancient Caravanserai was close to this place.

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