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Sadegh abad Dunes

Distance: 0 km - time: 1 minwatch the road

Ayeneh Va Roshanaei Museum ( Mirror and Lightening Museum )

Distance: 121 km - time: 1 hour 32 minswatch the road

Zoroastrians' Fire Temple

Distance: 123 km - time: 1 hour 37 minswatch the road

Imamzadeh seyed fathodin reza

Distance: 124 km - time: 1 hour 34 minswatch the road

Amir Chakhmagh Complex

Distance: 124 km - time: 1 hour 39 minswatch the road

Kabir Jaame' Mosque

Distance: 124 km - time: 1 hour 36 minswatch the road

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