The mausoleum of Makhtoom-Qoli Faraghi , the famous poet and mystic , Stands in a Locality by the name of Aq-Taqay ( Dasht-e Sefid ) , on the road Between Maraveh Tappeh and kerned , in Mi-noodasht township , 155 Kilometers northeast of Gonbad-e kavoos.

The dome and landscaping of the mausoleum were designed taking into consideration the culture of the local Turkman population and the features of Islamic architecture , and executed in reinforced concrete on a 10 hectare plot of land.
The building stands in a secluded area amid shallow hills which are dry except in spring,when some greenery appears on them The mausoleum is designed along the lines of wildflowers and Turkman dwellings, creating a majestic impression in the plain of Gorgan in springtime.

The central roof advoe the tombs of Makhtoom –Qoli Faraghi and his father Dowlat-mohammad Azadi , is dome-shaped , combining the shapes of Turkman dwellings and majestic Islamic architecture.

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