Ganjolbahr is one of the biggest reservoirs and pools built in Iran, this magnificent building is located in Garsh in Fars province.
The reservoir belongs to Ghajar dynasty period and dates back to 200 years ago. It is designed with roof; an internal diameter of the pool is 29 m and is height is 21 m.
Ganjolbahr is located at Mosala. This is built by Mater Hasan Shirazi with the help of Haji Asadullah the son of Dehbashi Karbalaee (Alireza Garashi). There is no sign of any inscriptions on this building, even if it was in past, it has been destroyed until now. This site was built for agricultural purpose and drinking water and is still used for such purposes.
The water tank like the most of water reservoirs, had circular shape and the used material was mortar,
The portals and the mouth of reservoir are in special shape called Tizedar and are made of materials such as stone, plaster and mortar. The stone steps of the reservoir are situated in the north side of its body.




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