Sarab Siah (black mirage) of Mansoorabad is located close to Sarab Siah village. Some attractions of the area include: bubbling springs, Seyd Noorodin Immamzadeh and a lake for boating, swimming and fishing.
Mansoorabad Rostam is one of the most historical places of Momsani and Rostam. Just close to the historical Sarab Lake an inscription is discovered that belongs to Sasanid era in Pahlavi or Parti language.
The springs and beautiful lagoon of Sarab Siah are located at 28 km to Masiri City, central part of Rostam City in Fars Province. Due to the agricultural fields on the both sides of the road, this path is so spectacular all the year round. During different seasons various fields of rice, wheat, maize, mung bean, rapeseed, sesame and cucumber can be seen. Rostam Mansoorabad Lagoon is one of the greatest resorts of Fars province that because of having magnificent landscapes and historic features has become one of the most beautiful touristic and entertaining attractions of the province.




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