Kalmakareh treasure was discovered in 1989 by a local hunter. the Kalmakareh Cave, is about 20 km to the northwest of Pol-e Dokhtar, Lurestan Province.
The collection is consisted of different metal objects including vessels, rhytons, animal and human figurines, masks, plaques, adornments and etc.
The said cave is valuable, both as a natural phenomenon and from the cultural aspect. This cave is situated in a historical and ancient region, and in a valley known as Darreh Baq, in the heights of Kooh Mahaleh.
Vast spaces and crevices have created a mysterious atmosphere in the cave. The cave holds great importance regarding the remnants of ancient civilizations.
At the entrance and within the cave are evidences of the presence of humans and animals of the past. Due to earth-quakes or natural erosion of the mountain, some of the so called 'halls' in this caved have been blocked.
The heights of the Kooh Mahaleh are in a triangular shape, with the two rivers of Seimareh and Kashkan running on either sides. This brings into focus as to why this area was favored by man in the pre-historic and historic ...see more ages, specially during the Elamite, Parthian and Sassanian periods.
Vestiges such as earthenware, large pots covered with limestone residue, can be noted within the cave, as well as the hillocks surrounding it.
This cave does not seem to have been permanently inhabited, but was a good hiding place or refuge at the time of attacks and war for the inhabitants of 'Kooh Mahaleh'.
There is also a possibility that the cave was used as a shelter by out-laws and revolutionaries in the past.


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