Sheikh Bahai Citadel is located in the city of Najaf Abad and is the largest recreational complex in the West side of Province. It is composed of 6 penthouse towers.
These towers are so rare in the country and they are only seen in the city of Tabriz.
The Citadel is located in a fenced garden area of 3,000 squares and it consists of seven towers. Six of these towers are truly like the penthouse. By changing the citadel into the cultural and historical complex, other areas such as the fountain, Traditional Tea House, cultural and recreational areas and green space are added to the organ.
This citadel as unique sets of battlements, with seven separated towers and the height of 14 meters are joined to each other by a mud wall with a height of 4 meters.
Dividing towers into the angles and different sides of the walls and at the entrance of the citadel has created a pretty sight which makes it possible to enter the place by the vestibule, rooms and basement.
Sheikh Bahai citadel or Kharoon Seven Towers was constructed in the past in order to provide animal manures) birds) and it was used for agricultural purposes.
This citadel was restored in 2003 ...see more with the help of Islamic council of city and municipality of Najaf Abad and it was put into operation in 2004 as a first set of tourism in the west of province.
It has been registered as historical monuments by Cultural Heritage Organization. Sheikh Bahai citadel is recorded in Iran national works by the number of 3481 in 2003.

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