Abdanan (Persian: آبدانان‎) is a beautiful city located in the south of Ilam Province, Iran. The population of the city was 21,662 in 2006.The Abdanan county is subdivided into three districts: the Central District, Kalat District, and Sarab Bagh District. The county has three cities: Abdanan, Sarabbagh, and Murmuri. The city is located within the Zagros Mountains rages, one reason of being a destination for popular tourism . There are many natural resources such as oil, sulfur ...see more mines and oak forests. The city is of paramount importance regarding the army strategies and tactics for it well nigh enjoys a strategic location in the border line of Iran and Iraq; one of country's Air Force bases is situated in the city and utilizes an strategic airport, in case of necessary army encounters Abdanan Airport (OICD), for military use only. Reference:

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