Shahriar County (Persian: شهرستان شهریار‎) is a county in Tehran Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Shahriar. At the 2006 census, the county's population (including those portions later split off to form Malard County and Qods County) was 1,044,707, in 273,826 ...see more families; excluding those portions, the population was 516,022, in 134,378 families.
The county has one district: the Central District. The county has seven cities: Shahriar, Sabashahr, Vahidieh, Shahedshahr. Ferdowsieh, Baghestan, and Andisheh. Reference: www.wikipedia.org

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fire temple Of Takhte Rostam

fire temple Of...

Takht –e- Rostam or Rostam’s Throne is name of a volcanic rock cliff (the highest mountain in the region) and ruins of an ancient Zoroastrian fire temple on it, around 80 km south west of Information| Map | Route

Sink hill

Sink hill

Sink hill is located in Shahryar Township, Ferdos rural district, Khave village. It belongs to the first millennium BC. It has an area between five to seven thousand M². There are some potteries on the surface of the hill that are usually gray...

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Baba Salman area

Baba Salman ar...

Baba Salman ( also known as ‘Eşmatābād) is a village in Maviz Rural District, in the Central District of Shahriar County, Tehran. Baba Salman area is related to the iro...

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Joghin Hill

Joghin Hill

Joghin castle is located in 10 km of the southwest of Shahryar in Vahidieh City. It belongs to Sassanid age and is like a bezel lying on a bed of flowers and plants. This is a great castle which has dealt with all of the destructive forces and remains with its old glory. Information| Map | Route