Climate : Temperate
Maraveh Tappeh County (Persian: شهرستان مراوه‌تپه‎) is a county in Golestan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Maraveh Tappeh. It was separated from Kalaleh County in 2007. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 45,874, in 8,939 families. The county has two districts: Central District and Golidagh District. The county has one city: Maraveh Tappeh. Reference:

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Maraveh Tappeh's Tourist attractions

Tomb of Faraghi

Tomb of Faragh...

The mausoleum of Makhtoom-Qoli Faraghi , the famous poet and mystic , Stands in a Locality by the name of Aq-Taqay ( Dasht-e Sefid ) , on the road Between Maraveh Tappeh and kerned , in Mi-noodasht township , 155 Kilometers northeast of Gonbad-e kavoos. The dome and landscaping of ...

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Bali Ghalye waterfall

Bali Ghalye wa...


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