Izeh County (Persian: شهرستان ایذه‎) is a county in khuzestan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Izeh. Izeh (Eizeh) is a town in east of khuzestan province in Iran.
This town is a historical town. The vast majority of its population, ...see more are from Bakhtiari tribe which is one of the biggest tribes in Iran. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 193,510, in 36,123 families.
The county is subdivided into three districts: the Central District, Susan District, and Dehdez District. The county has two cities: Izeh and Dehdez. zeh has temperate weather in spring and summer, although in winter it is usually the coldest city in the khuzestan province.
Izeh is populated by Bakhtiari Lurs, a tribe living in the northern part of the khuzestan area. It is an agricultural rather than an industrial city.
The foremost product is rice (locally called Berenj) that mostly comes from Susan, Sheyvand, Meydavood and Chitanbe. Izeh also has mines of rocks and minerals.
It is famous for its dam and ancient monuments that are located in Kul-e Farah, Eshkaft-e Salman, Khongazhdar, Tagh e Tavileh, Shir-e Sangi (Stone Lion cemetery), Shahsavar relief, Khong e Kamalvand, Khong e Ajdar, Khong e Yaralivand and Sheyvand relief. Reference: www.wikipeida.org

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Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim

Tomb of Sultan...

In Karta village which is located in Ize Township, there is a tomb at the vast foothill. This tomb is called Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim. The place of this great Imamzade's ...

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Kul-e Farah

Kul-e Farah

Kul-e Farah (or "Kul-e Fara") is the site of six Elamite rock reliefs that are located in a gorge on the plain's east side. Kul-e Farah is located near the city of Izeh in...

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Shemi ancient area

Shemi ancient ...

At the distance of nine km of Shemi village in Susan rural district on the west side of Ize Township, a monument is discovered which belongs to the Ilimayiee era. It consists of a famous Parti Sardar's (commander of an army) statue, marble stones and an ancient cemetery. The statue of...

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Eshkaft -e Salman

Eshkaft -e Sal...

Salman Cave is located at a distance of 3 km. from the current city of Eazeh. Eshkoft Salman is a cave within a natural rock, which has a spring with clear and sweet water that extrudes out through another smaller and narrower cave. To the right and opposite the Eshkoft Salman, there ...

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Mongasht ( Mangasht ) Mountain

Mongasht ( Man...

Mongasht Is a a mountain range or a group of mountains or high ridges in the country of Iran. Its center lies at a latitude of 31.6378400 and longitude of 50.1176200and it has an elevation of 3111 meters above sea level. A part of the mountainous region ...

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Miangaran Wetland

Miangaran Wetl...

Miangaran Wetland is one of propounded wetlands of country; it is located at less than 1500 km of Ize city's area on the north side of Ize city. High mountains such as Kahak and Kazh Gerd surround it like a golden cup. The area of this w...

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Shaloo and Mongasht ( Mangasht ) Protected Area

Shaloo and Mon...

Protected region of Shaloo and Mongasht is located at the distance of 25 km of east south of Ize Township. It is a mountainous region which is located at the drainage basin of Zagros's chains.Shaloo-Mangasht has an area of 13000 hectares. Snowy mountains which have suitable wild cover...

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sheyvand village

sheyvand villa...

sheyvand village is located at Ize, khuzestan, at the heart of protected region (Mangasht and Shaloo) which Kuron river is running through its east side. Height waterfall of Information| Map | Route

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