Climate : Temperate
Ramian (Persian: رامیان‎, also Romanized as Rāmīān, Rāmeyān, and Rāmīyān) is a city in and capital of Ramian County in Golestan Province, in northern Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 11,719, in 2,831 families. Ramian was used in Parthian times as a castle. In "Immortal Land" v. III (written by: Zabihollah e Mansoori) says Greek called it "Laboos" and there was a fight between Ashk II and Selucied king. Some say Ramian at thet time had great Vineries ...see more and wines. Many residents of modern Ramian are from the Shia Turkmen tribe of Qara-Eli (Garaili/Geraili). Genetically, they are a mix of Turkmen, Kurdish and Parthian blood. Because they were Shia, they had sent to Kalpush to defend people against raids by the Sunni Turkmen and Uzbeks, in Saffavied era. They separated other parts (Khorasan -like: Jajarm-, Semnan and Golestan -like: Ramian- provinces in early Qajar in order of Hosseyn-Qoli khan Qajar. Modern Ramian has been constructed at that time. Before that there wa on old Ramian (Kohna Ramian) which was that old Ramian. They also known as Qizilbash, because they were Shia Qizilbash force of Safavied. Reference:

لوگوی جشنواره وب و موبایل ایران