Kavar (Persian: کوار‎, also Romanized as Kavār; also known as Kaval) is a city in and capital of Kavar County, Fars Province, Iran. it is located at 45 kilometers south of Fars province.
At the 2006 census, its population was 22,158, in 4,753 families. According to Moeen Encyclopedia, the Kavar ...see more means a big basket which is used for fruits storage and in other section it is translated as vegetable and leek. Reference:

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Bahman Dam

Bahman Dam

Bahman Dam belongs to Sassanid period and is located at 58 km of shiraz in Kavar over Ghare Aghaj River. It is one of the natural historic attractions of Information| Map | Route

Ghareaghaj River

Ghareaghaj Riv...

Ghareaghaj River is one of the most important rivers in Fars. Its water is permanent and its width in mountainous areas is 20 m and in plain areas is up to 400 m. This river with the length of 700 km, form w...

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