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Fandogh Lou jungle

Fandogh Lou ju...

Fandoghlou jungle is in 25 kilometers of Ardebil and 10 kilometers in south of Namin city is the rest of paratropical jungles of Gilan province and a part of eastern jungles of Ardebil province. This vast jungle with very various tourism attractivenesses like Meshasoui spa water that ...

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Marmisho lake

Marmisho lake

Among the mountains of Iran and Turkey border,45 km.to west of Urmia Township ,there is a natural lake with an area of 5 Hectares. This lake is the living place of different types of aquatics like trout , and an interesting fishing resort for tourists and friends of nature. Referen...

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Lar National Park

Lar National P...

Lar National Park is a protected area in Iran, on the foot of Mount Damavand, straddling the two provinces of Mazandaran and Tehran. The Lar Dam is located in the park, and is a major tourist attraction, situate...

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