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I am from Iran. The historic city of Nishapur. Iranians are very hospitable. Iran is a country of diverse nature and the land of ancient history. Four Seasons Winter summer at a time can be seen in Iran. Caviar from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf warm beach. West of the mountains to all the attractions of Iran's Lut Desert. I've traveled to many cities. I've traveled to 11 countries. Iran is a safe country. Hope to see you in Iran




Nishapur or Nishabur (About this sound pronunciation (help·info); Persian: نیشابور‎, also Romanized as Nīshāpūr, Nīshābūr, and Neyshābūr from Middle Persian: New-Shabuhr, meaning "New City of Shapur", "Fair Shapur", or "Perfect built of Shapur"), is a city in the Razavi Khorasan Provinc...

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