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Qorban tower

Qorban tower - Hamedan

orban Tower is one of seventh or eighth century monument. This building is tomb of Shaykh al-Hassan ibn Attar and some of the Seljuk rulers. About the name of this tower there is a famous story which said during the late Safavi rebellion there was a man whose name was" Qorban" make ... More

Milad tower

Milad tower - Tehran

Milad Tower is the sixth tallest tower in the world and also the 17th tallest freestanding structure in the world. Milad Tower is a part of The Tehran International Trade and Convention Center. The project includes the Milad telecommunication tower offering restaurant... More

Tower Yanqyn

Tower Yanqyn - Tabriz

Tower Yanqyn Fire Tower Khaghani, Bahadori St. Tabriz is located in a brick building height of 23 meters, which was built in the late Qajar period. The tower is circular in plan with a spiral staircase to the upper strings attached. The main functions of the watch, which... More

Khangholi Tower

Khangholi Tower - Malayer

nqoli Tower is for patriarch time and it is located in Malayer city, in Samen section. Patriarch means local Khans. At first they were Buddhists, but gradually converted to Islam. Muslim Patriarch called themselves "Sultan". The antiquity of this muddy and brick tower is dating back... More

Tughrul Tower

Tughrul Tower - Rey

f the tower Kufic inscriptions were originally observable. Nasereddin Shah ordered some restorations to be made to the top part of the tower, which was collapsing in 1884. The tower is protected by Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization. References: http://en.wikipedia.... More

Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower - Tehran

Azadi Tower is in the centre of the square. Azadi Tower is one of the symbols of Tehran City, the capital of Iran, and marks the west entrance to the city. The architect, Hossein Amanat, won a competition to design the monument, which combines both Islamic and Sassanid architectura... More