Arab zadeh house

Arab zadeh house

Arab zadeh house - Yazd

Arab zadeh house is located in the northeast of yazd, and in the historical district of Fahadan. It is also called “Fahadan House”; according to its architecture, the historian claim that construction time dating back to Ghajar period. The entrance door opens in the s... More



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Tahami house

Tahami house - Kashan

ahamy house ( Iranian house) In middle of historic texture of Kashan,in a parish which name is koshk safi,there is a lot of beautiful historic buildings,such as historic hosseini house,bani kazemi historic house,water storage,mosque and tahamy historic house ,t... More

Bakouji house

Bakouji house - Kashan

ouchi house Bakouchi house or sepideh kashani house located in sultan mir ahmad neighborhood. Archaism of this building back to qajar period. Bakouchi house is of those old and worth house which has an interior and exterior courtyards and sunken garden. This ... More

Taj house

Taj house - Kashan

Taj house This building is one of the Kashan’s original sunken garden with two century oldness and was built in qajar period. Taj historic house which now called artists house has a cultural usage with 700 square meter open space and 800 square meters superstructure,posses... More

Tabatabyiha house

Tabatabyiha house - Kashan

baeis house With dare we can title tabatabaeis house as the bride of Iranian house. Proper architecture and super beautiful look of it has brought this fame and name to it. Construction of this house began in 1250 and made over 10 years. Tabatabaeis house wa... More

Dr.beheshti house

Dr.beheshti house - Isfahan

The house of Doctor Mohammad Hoseyn Beheshti is located in Esfahan Township, Beheshti Martyr Street and in an alley which has the same name. Due to its architecture style, this house is considered as one of those buildings in Pahlavi period. It also belonged to the Martyr Doctor B... More

Mooinoketab house

Mooinoketab house - Kermanshah

ketab house This house is in old district of “allaf khane “ which is located in Kermanshah city. This is a kind of house with inward structure , by passing the vestibule it goes to outer courtyard and through a large aisle reach the inner courtyard. Besides , there is n... More

imam zadeh kuh(imam zadeh mohsen)

imam zadeh kuh(imam zadeh mohsen) - Hamedan

Emamzade Koh is located in Farajin village at the distance of 16 km of Hamadan, and also it is in one of the pleasant and exhilarant valleys of Alvand Mountain's foothill. This mason belongs to the Mongol era and eighth century AD. Monument's building is in the shape of a rectangular. Its groin... More

Abasian house

Abasian house - Kashan

Historical complex of Abasian is located in Soltan Amir Ahmad district, Kashan, Isfahan. This building had started to build in period between 1245 to 1248 Hijri by an unknown architecture and building procedure took 20 years. Experts believe that due to using Islamic Iranian original architectur... More