Yazd Alexander's Prison (Zendan e Eskandar)

Yazd Alexander's Prison (Zendan-e Eskandar)

Yazd Alexander's Prison (Zendan-e Eskandar) - Yazd

Zendan-e Eskandar is an ancient domed structure apparently known by this name as a result of a reference in a Hafez’s poems. The complex contains a deep, circular, brick-lined pit almost 10 meters in diameter resembling an ancient dungeon found at the heart of the old. Ther... More


Yazd - City

yazd County (Persian: شهرستان یزد‎) is a county in yazd Province in Iran. The capital of the county is yazd. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 515,044, in 138,108 families. yazd is the capital of yazd Province, Iran, and a centre of Zoroastrian ... More

Prison of Solomon

Prison of Solomon - Pasargad

Takht-e-Soleiman. What is remained from this monument is a high wall with the height of 14 m and the length of 7.5m. The monument is severely damaged and is known as Zendan Soleyman. Kaaba of Zoroaster in Naqsh-e-Rostam is the closest sample to Zendan Soleyman. The ... More


yazd - Province

yazd Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the centre of the country, and its administrative center is the city of yazd. The province has an area of 131,575 km², and according to the most recent divisions of the country, is divided into eleven counties: Maybod, Mehr... More

Coin and Anthropology Museum Heidarzadeh

Coin and Anthropology Museum Heidarzadeh - Yazd

ed in yazd Arabzade House, it is in the oldest district of yazd, Fahadan, where is near the Alexander prison. This museum is considered as the specific Coin Museum of the country which contains the collection of ancient coins (Gold, silver, copper, brass) related to 42... More

yazd Mountain Prak

yazd Mountain Prak - Yazd

yazd Mountain Park It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in yazd, which has been created in Thaft Road toward yazd. There is a pool right at the middle of the park, whose fountain has a great view at night. This beautiful park has many great facilities including: Beau... More

Qasr Prison

Qasr Prison - Tehran

Qasr Prison (زندان قصر) was a prison in Tehran. It was one of the oldest Iranian political prisons. In 2008 it closed forever and is to be turned into a museum. History It was built by the order of Fat′h Ali Shah of the Qajar dynasty in 1790 in the form of a palace. It was the fir... More

The old city of yazd

The old city of yazd - Yazd

an. yazd has always been an important commercial centre on the caravan trail between Western and Eastern Iran and home to a prominent Zoroastrian community. The legacy of this rich mix is unforgettable, and includes Zoroastrian “Towers of Silence”; the distinctive Wind Towers or badgir... More

Ash-e Shooli ( Shooli Soup )

Ash-e Shooli ( Shooli Soup ) - Yazd

This soup is cooked by Yazdis and very common among them. No one knows where the word ‘shooli’ comes from, but everyone knows its taste. Shooli is a delicious and simple soup, and its seasoning is vinegar, but it can be replaced with Pomegranate paste, or any other sour liquid. Ingredients:... More


Termeh - Yazd

Shakh-e Gavazni) and rose-like design (Gol-e Mohammadi). The city of yazd is renowned for its 400-year old industry of Termeh weaving. Reference : irib.ir... More