Zarch aqueduct

Ardestan Moon Qanat ( Aqueduct )

Ardestan Moon Qanat ( Aqueduct ) - Ardestan

Qanat is an underground gallery that conveys water from an aquifer or a water source to less elevated fields. In practice, a Qanat consists of a series of vertical shafts in sloping ground, interconnected at the bottom by a tunnel with a gradient more gentle than that of the ground. The first S... More

Ghasabe Qanats of Gonabad ( Aqueduct )

Ghasabe Qanats of Gonabad ( Aqueduct ) - Gonabad

anat (aqueduct) is one of the greatest and deepest hydraulic systems in the world. It is located in Khorasan province, at the heights of Siahkooh, in the southwest of Gonabad city. It reflects the 2500 years historical background of Achaemenid period in Khorasan. According to the latest ... More

amiralmomenin Mosque (sadeh)

amiralmomenin Mosque (sadeh) - Yazd

ed in Zarch city. The style of dome building, patio and the Date of existence, show that it belongs to the Afsharian and Zandian period. The used material in the mosque is adobe, by using bricks at the bottom and the interior part of the bathroom in eastern roof. This mosque has a summer... More

Estahban Waterfall

Estahban Waterfall - Estahban

by an aqueduct with several shallow wet that are dug into the hillside of the Southern mountains of this township. In past the water of this ancient aqueduct was reached out in the foothill of the mountain and passed through some watermills in its path and powered them; the remains... More

Vakil Abad, Mashhad

Vakil Abad, Mashhad - Mashhad

by an aqueduct. Vakil Abad Zoo is adjacent to the Vakil Abad forest park which is the only zoo in Khorasan Razavi province. The zoo has both carnivorous and herbivorous animals, aquatic animals, reptiles and birds. ... More

Qombovan Village

Qombovan Village - Dehaqan

lture aqueduct water resources,shur river and two springs supply needed water of lands under wheat,barley and cotton cultivation. There is livestock activities and services in the village. Pinto beans and local sohan are souvenir of this village. ... More

Dolat Abad Garden

Dolat Abad Garden - Yazd

a. An aqueduct with the same name supplies the required water for the garden. The house has several beautiful halls. In each room there is a carving door and unique artwork. Doors of a main room are designed by colorful glasses through which a mesmerizing view of the garden and the court... More

Nazar Caroon garden

Nazar Caroon garden - Kazeroun

of an aqueduct and was formed as a small artificial lake that was so beautiful and spectacular. ... More

pahlavanpoor garden

pahlavanpoor garden - Mehriz

nabad Aqueduct, irrigates the orchard in addition to Shah-Hosseini and Mazvirabad aqueducts. The orchard also has Pomegranate, almod and persimmon trees. The orchard is surrounded by a fence. The orchard includes a summerhouse, a winter quarter, janitor’s unit, the public bathroom and... More

Ghahri Spring

Ghahri Spring - Estahban

f the aqueduct. So he was incurred by king's wrath and anger, and it was the reason to name this spring Ghahri Spring. ... More

Ardalan castle

Ardalan castle - Tuyserkan

that Aqueduct in the interior courtyard, there is now dry, but shows that the water supply has castles. There are four circular towers at the four corners of the castle during the war that is easy to defend the castle The basis for this is the fact that the brick walls of the enclosure ... More

Kish Island

Kish Island - Bandar Lengeh

round aqueduct, also called the 'Underground City', which is partly open for tourists. It was built about 1,000 years ago for Transportation and water supply across the different parts of the island. Another attraction is the beautiful beaches that all captivate the eye with their bluish ... More

Makhunik Village

Makhunik Village - Sarbisheh

hunik aqueduct in which the picture of an old shepherd has been cut. The Makhunik Village, has many unique features, and its inhabitants follow certain unusual customs. For example, until 50 years ago, they did not drink tea, or hunt, or eat meat. To this day, they refuse to smoke tobac... More