Arsalan Jazeb was the ruler of Toos and contemporary of Soltan Mahmood-e Ghaznavi. The mausoleum of Arsalan Jazeb is located 37 km from Mashhad. It is the only historical construction left from the Qaznavid dynasty.
The structure of the walls of this square room is adorned with the inlay. It is an octagonal building with a dome and a minaret. Inside the building is decorated with the bright color bricks and a margin on the topmost part of the wall that is inscribed in Kufic writing style on a blue background.
Its tall minaret is situated just a few meters from the dome. This building is of great significance because of being the only relic remained from Ghaznavid architecture in Iran. After the mausoleum of Amir Eemaeel Samani, this building is the oldest Islamic Iranian monument in Khorasan that is considered as Buddhist, Sassanid and Islamic monument. Reference: http://www.gardeshyaran.com/?cu=134&se=1&ki=680&id=268&inf=en




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