Ravar icebox(freezer)
In past days,in winter ice was stored in freezers to use in summer. Ice was a luxury item and only wealthy people could benefit from it.
The most sophisticated and complete freezers from architecture aspect are desert cities freezers which consist of these sections : dome,ice tank,stairs leading to tank,drain well,storage and discharge of ice door,shading walls,ice bound ponds,ice selling shop,haystack and special chambers for guards and workers.
Dome figure has this property that cause during the day some part of it remain in shadow and the other part in sun exposure,where horizontal ceiling remain all they long in sun light exposure and whatever dome height is more,air condition will be better on it.
Ravar icebox is for late qajar period. The freezer has two covers with a height of more than 9 meter above the ice hole and it’s dome diameter is more than 14 meters.




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