The variety of the museums of this complex has always attracted great numbers of visitors. The four-story museum building consists of a great collection of valuable and rare works of art.
The lower level includes the treasury of stamps and bank notes; the ground floor contains the treasury of oysters and clams and the treasury of visual arts and the second floor contains the treasury of clocks and astronomy, the treasury of weapons and the treasury of utensils. Glorious Qur’an and Exquisites Treasury: The most singular exquisite manuscripts of this museum are precious manuscripts of the Glorious Qur'an.5 Qurans are said to have been written by Imam Ali (as), Imam Hassan (as), Imam Hussain (as), Imam Sajjad (as) and Imam Reza (as).
These Qurans were written in kufi script on leather, and are sorted by the Date of creation, therefore one can see the evolution of the script through these eras. Supreme Leader’s Gifts Treasury: The ground floor of the Glorious Qur’an and Exquisites Treasury is assigned to displaying the gifts donated by the Supreme Leader; from among 1400 gifts preserved in this treasury, 222 samples have been put on show.
This treasury ...see more contains a collection of precious objects including the artistic works of calligraphy and gilding (Tazhib), painting, Carpet, glass work, wood muarraq, shell muarraq, needle work, chinaware, crystal, silver, Marquette, medals, etc, granted to the Supreme Leader by the national and foreign figures over years. Carpet Specialized Museum: This treasury has precious carpets from past centuries woven specially for the holy shrine of Imam Reza (peace be upon him) Currently this treasury contains more than 100 carpets and rugs which are considered to be great works.
Their histories range from the Safavid era to the contemporary era. Ustad Farshchian Hall: Ustad Farshchian’s works are mainly acrylic over acid-free cardboard.
With enduring attempt and creating amazing works and inventing a modern style in Iranian painting, Ustad Farshchian has put on show his works in 57 individual and 86 group exhibitions in Iran, Europe, Asian and American countries in the museums and reputable collections across the world. During 20 recent years, Ustad Farshchian has donated 13 tableaus of his works to the Astan Quds Razavi’s Museum. Mashhad History Treasury: In this treasury, a collection of 182 objects related to the history of Mashhad, especially the history of its holy places is on display in 25 booths. The Museum of Clocks and Astronomy This treasury contains 10 stalls among which 7 are designated to the astronomy section and 3 to the clock section.
Most of the objects in this treasury are the endowments of the late Dr. Sayyed Jalal al-Din Tehrani including a peerless collection of different kinds of telescopes, globes, theodolite cameras (compass), sextants, octants, cadrans (measurement device of vertical angles), different models of the earth movement, marine astrology devices, etc,.
Some other notable objects in the treasury are precious astrolabes of 12th and 13th centuries A.H. The Museum of Weaponry: This treasury is a collection of melee weapons and firearms.
The oldest weapon in this treasury is a crimson glassy arch belonging to the Safavid period Medals Treasury: The medals treasury was established in the September of 1999 with a collection of medals, cups and awards donated by sports champions and the scientific elite To the Astan-Quds-Razavi Museum.
Currently there are 154 medals, cups and other awards on display in this treasury. The Museum of Paintings It contains 30 paintings in different styles from prominent Iranian and European artists. The Museum of Sea Life: This treasury with its collection of 508 specimens of the world's most amazing sea creatures, draws the attention of many visitors.
This museum also has a collection of 1282 oysters and sea snails. The Museum of Pottery and Utensils: This museum contains 158 objects from different historical eras. Museum of Post Stamps and Bank Notes: This section of the museum has an area of 500 square meters and contains a collection of several thousand Iranian and foreign post stamps. The oldest Iranian post stamp in this collection dates back to 1830.
The bank notes on display are from the Qajar, Pahlavi and Islamic Republic eras. References:
Imam Reza shrine

Imam Reza shri...

Imām Reza shrine in Mashhad, Iran is a complex which contains the mausoleum of Imam Reza, the eighth Imām of Twelver Shi'ites. It is the largest mosque in the world by dimension and the second largest in capacity. Also contained within the complex include: the Goharshad Mosque, a muse...

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Moghan Cave

Moghan Cave

The Moghan Cave is located in the southern village of Moghan, 35 kilometers from Mashhad. Based on some evidence and exploration of the old snail fossils in the cave, it’s almost one hundred million years old. It’s located 2910 meters above sea level. The cave was discovered by Mashha...

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Haft hooz natural garden pond

Haft hooz natu...

Khalaj region is located next to Mashhad city - the capital of Khorasan Razavi province in northeastern of Iran. Khalaj region is known for its natural park called "Haft Hoz" which is a popular tourist excursion and also for its rocks which is the best climbing sites near to Mashhad. Th...

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Nadir Shah Mausoleum

Nadir Shah Mau...

It is located in a beautiful garden in the heart of the holy city of Mashhad. Nadir Shah Afshar's statue riding a horse and holding an axe in hand can be seen on the top of the tomb. There is a museum inside the tomb containing about 130 weapons, helmets and armors. The structure cur...

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Mellat Park Mashhad

Mellat Park Ma...

This amusement park is located in west of Mashhad and on the northwest side of Azadi Square; it is considered as the biggest park in Mashhad Township. This project was done by a joint venture between the private sector, the municipality and expert engineers. Its construction started i...

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Vakil Abad, Mashhad

Vakil Abad, Ma...

Vakil Abad Park is an old beautiful resort in southwest of Mashhad located at the end of Vakil Abad Blvd. It had been at the center of attention for a long time due to its antiquity, pleasant weather and location in a beautiful valley. It has an area over 70 hectares with a natural gard...

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Goharshad Mosque

Goharshad Mosq...

Goharshad Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Iran which is located in Razavi Khorasan province in the northeast of the country. The structure is located in the architectural complex of Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad.Its foundation is made of brick and plaster and is one of the mo...

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Mausoleum of Ferdowsi

Mausoleum of F...

The tomb of the great poet Abolqassem Ferdowsi, can be accounted for a place of ‘worship’ so to be called by the lovers of Farsi Literature. This renowned historical site has brought fame for the city of Toos. The construction of this tomb began in the year 1928 and work came to an ...

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